{April 4, 2012}   Follower Appreciation!

Wow!  I just looked at my follower list and it has exploded!  I am so thankful to everyone who has decided to follow my fashion and family ramblings!  I am truly honored!y

To say thank you, I would like to give everyone a chance to give your blog and/or website extra exposure.  Please post in the comments below anything you’d like people to know about you, your blog, your business and/or your website.  My hope is that you can meet some really cool people this way and make some networking connections.  I encourage you to share this post on your blog, facebook and/or twitter account so your friends can get exposure as well.

I hope you all have a great day!


UPDATE: Once you comment I will add tags to this post concerning your business so search engines will pick it up.  Thanks for getting involved!  If you have specific tags you want me to put, type TAG: at the bottom of your post with up to 3 tags.



My name is Michelle Shepard and I am an independent Creative Memories Consultant . . . I teach people how to preserve their precious photos, whether it is in traditional or digital scrapbooks or just for display on walls. Helping people share their memories is my passion and I really don’t want this generation of kids to grow up as JPEG’s on a laptop! So call me below if you want to get started or just need motivation to get going again!!

Thanks Michelle! Check back soon and let others with small businesses know whats going on here. I hope you can make some good connections!


wdwicks says:

My name is Wendy DiCarlo and I am an independent Partylite consultant. I help people relax and decorate their homes with ease! Please check out my website for awesome Online outlet sales.

Welcome Wendy! Where are you based out of?
How long have you been with Partlite?

Check back later to see possible connections. 🙂

Niuluk Blog says:


We are a reseller of Corkor ( products made out of cork, like handbags, iPad and iPhone cases, computer bags and accessories.

You can see more about us here

Cork is a vegan product harvested from the bark of oak trees every 9 years without harming or killing trees for about 200 years. No animals are tested for these fantastic products.

TAGS: Cork hadbags, cork iPhone cases, niuluk, corkor


Perfect thanks! Welcome to our link share!

To all: Feel free to link to this from your page. If everyone did that everyone would get lots of coverage! 🙂

Independent Scentsy Consultant Terri Smith says:

Oh I LOVE Miche! My co-worker sells it. If anyones interested in Scentsy or the new Scentsy brand Valata (fondue warmers) that will be coming out in May please send me a note at or!

Thanks for checking in!! I’m so glad you have someone close who you can order through. If there is something she can’t get her hands on that you’d like please give me a call or email me. For example: Hope Purple is sold out in all sizes but I had gotten one for the Demi for my show kit. I have only taken it out in public twice so I’m going to sell it if someone wants it.

I have a friend who sells Scentsy. I havent’t gotten to experience the products for myself but I do look forward to the day I get my first burner.

Thanks again for stopping in. I will check out your blog in just a few minutes. Have a great night!


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