{January 20, 2012}   So what is Miche anyway?

There are many people who are wondering…what’s the big deal with Miche?

Hold on to your shorts, things are about to get exciting up in here!

Let me give you a tour through all things Miche!

  • Changeable Shells: Instead of dumping your bag out and putting your belongings into another bag each time you change your outfit or have the need to go into a different scene (high class evening dinner to a family picnic for example), you can swap out the outside of your bag and it’s done.  What normally took minutes and a whole lot of frustration, now takes five seconds as you walk out the door…literally!
  • Interchangeable Parts: Most of the Miche products work on any and all of the Miche base bags!  If you are a woman who enjoys carrying several different sizes of handbags this should be music to your ears!
  • Different Sizes: Miche offers two structured base bags (Classic and Petite) and two slouchy style bags (Demi and Prima).  All four base bags have their own selection of shells to dress up the outside of the bag.  Many of the patterns are available through out all four sizes.
  • Earn FREE Product: All you have to do is contact me to set up a home show, catalog show or online show.  If your show brings it at least $200 in sales, you score free and discounted product!  It’s that easy!





[…] Guys: Trust me.  If your wife opened up a Miche on Mother’s Day morning, you’d get HUGE brownie points!  I can help you pick something out if you feel like a fish out of water in this department.  I have done that for many a husband! You might be thinking, yea but then she’ll want more shells and accessories.  No worries!  I can help her get them for FREE!  What’s better than free??  If you want to see what Miche is all about first, check this out! […]

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